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Tech Specs MoTarDos

1. Overshoes and over-trousers made of nylon and PVC.

We have chosen a light and space saving fabric, and although at first sight its thermal protection does not look ideal, keep in mind that the trousers are meant to be used over short or average distances, that you probably will be wearing your winter-clothing underneath, and that their first goal is to keep out the wind. No air-stream can penetrate your legs or shoes, which creates a chamber of air between the trousers and your clothing, taking away great part of the chilly sensation (remember : a simple wind-breaker is much more effective than your thickest woollen pull-over, as it leaves the wind streaming through). Anyway, for really cold situations or for longer distances there is version available (COLD) with a removable thinsulate lining.

2. Water-repellent zippers that go from the waist to the extreme end of each leg, Velcro-straps for attachment of the overshoes, which create an unique and complete sealing.

In these latest versions Cold and Basic, we replaced the normal zippers by others water-repellent, simpler of use and a sufficient sealing. The zippers have a convenient lip with the MoTarDos logo.

3. Possibility to adjust the length of the MoTarDos to the users needs.

Adjustment is only required the first time. Together with all the features, you will find a complete users guide in the handy pouch that comes with them.

4. All seams have been soldered with a plastic material, which ensures the water tightness.

5. Nylon flaps with the MoTarDos logo. long the leg and keep the water from entering.

With these nylon flaps and the new water-repellent zippers we guarantee the impermeability of the MoTarDos on short ways with intense rain or on long ways with moderate rain.

6. fast Velcro straps at the end of each leg for attachment to the ankle and the prevention from flapping at higher speeds.

You don't need to adjust them every time: they have a "memory"

7. Elastic and reinforced straps at the bottom of the overshoes adapt to every shoe.

8. Handy "backpack" with a zipper that reaches to the right hand back pouch of your normal trousers, where we normally wear our wallet for easy access at tollbooths and gas stations.

We have chosen not add a additional water protecting flap, as it is normally covered with your jacket.

9. Wide elastic belt and adjustable cord with clip.

10. Covering the user's shoes with a shoe-tip cover made of highly resistant fabric, and an elastic strap round the heel.

This ensures a quick and convenient usage and offers protection for the shoes against bad weather conditions.

11. Heat-protecting reinforcement at the tip of the overshoe in the new "BASIC" and "COLD" versions.

To avoid nasty burns of the exhaust pipe.

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Cold

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Cold
To protect you from the cold and rain when you use the bike

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Basic

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Basic
Use the bike every day without fear of rain
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