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What’s Their Purpose Of MoTarDos?

The word MoTarDoS is born from the joining of the terms MOTARD and the Spanish word leo-TARDOS (leggings). Although they are wore externally (over shoes and trousers), the idea of protecting feet and legs in a single garment, as well as their clear utility for the use of motorbike in everyday situations, inevitably led us to join these two elements in one concept.

MoTarDos are trousers made of nylon and PVC which, in addition to most existing bike wear on the market, have a pair of over-shoes incorporated. Furthermore they are equipped with two convenient lateral water-repellent zippers that reach all the way down to the feet.

With the zippers opened up to the waist, it is extremely easy to slip the MoTarDos over your normal trousers. Then carefully zip down until about 8 inches from the ankle, then with your foot on the foot-rest of the bike, adjust the over-shoes and zip all the way down. Do the same for the other leg and YOU ARE SET! In the blink of an eye you have put on your MoTarDos!

Once reached your destination, zip up till the waist and jump out of your MoTarDos in a second. That's it! Your ready for your next activity, with your clothes nicely clean and dry!

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Basic

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Basic
Use the bike every day without fear of rain

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Cold

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Cold
To protect you from the cold and rain when you use the bike
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