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Doubts About MoTarDos

What´s My Size?



Foot-Size (1)

Height (2)

Waist (3)


36 - 42

159 - 179 cm.

75 - 95 cm.


40 - 45

169 - 189 cm.

80 - 105 cm.


43 - 48

179 - 200 cm.

85 - 120 cm.


(1): These Recommendations Are Based On Regular City Shoes; Take This In Account If You Wear Bigger Sized Models.

(2): One Of The Main Advantages Of MoTarDos Is Their Adjustable Length.

(3): Adjustable With The Elastic Belt And Cord.

How Long Will It Take Me To Take Them On And Of?

After a few tries, it will take a few seconds.

Won't The Zippers Get Stuck Between The Fabric Of The MoTarDos?

The new versions Basic and Cold marketed as from November 2006 have water-repellent zippers, what made it possible to eliminate the interior bellows from the trousers and also the interior reverse of the over-shoes. These improvements prevent that the zippers do not cling and still simplifies the preparing of the trouser.

Don't The MoTarDos Flap Too Much At Higher Speeds? Can This Be Adjusted?

We have thought about this. There is an adjustable strap at the ankles, where the flapping usually occurs, which ensures a tight fit around the leg. Of course, you can not expect the same characteristics of a super tight leather suit.

Which Material Are They Made Of?

They are made exclusively of high quality materials. The outside is 100% nylon. The inside is 100% PVC, and it has a non-showing seam. Moreover, the zippers are water-repellent by an external treatment of rubber for sufficient impermeability.

Can I Walk With Them On?

Yes, but this is only recommended for short distances, like going to the counter in a petrol station. They are made to be worn on the motorbike. Anyway, when you temporarily lift the tip of the overshoes, you can walk normally.

How Long Will They Last?

This depends of many things, like the kind of motorbike you have, the way you drive, adjustment, frequency of use. It is not a competition overall, the product is designed to offer long lasting protection against the rain en cold.

Can I Just Buy The Over-Shoes?

Yes, you can find them in our online shop

Do They Have Pockets?

No, they just have a zipper that gives access to the back pocket of your underneath trousers.

Which Are The Advantages Compared To An Rain-Overall?

The MoTarDos are not designed for polar conditions, neither are they made for being exposed to the rain and cold for long periods of time; but in normal conditions they will be very effective. They will prevent the air intake in your feet and legs. So, they will remarkably reduce, if not totally, by half, the sensation of cold over your body. Moreover, the fact of having its seams sealed instead of sewn, and their water-repellent zippers protected by a lapel, makes them completely waterproof

Will It Be Embarrassing To Take Them On And Off Outside?

Don't bother, you will take them off and on without being noticed. Don't forget that with the new versions marketed as from November 2006 the risk to wedge the zippers does not exist any more.

Do They Have Other Uses?

You can wear them on quads or on all condition motorbikes, in mud or rain when, you don't have the proper equipment. You can wear them without the cover shoes, in any outdoor activity in the cold or rain.

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Basic

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Basic
Use the bike every day without fear of rain

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Cold

Motorbike trousers MoTarDos Cold
To protect you from the cold and rain when you use the bike
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