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Terms and Conditions


We guarantee that all the products in our online store are of the best quality. In the case of stock failure of the desired product, we will immediately contact the client to inform him of this inconvenience, to propose an alternative item or to cancel the order and arrange the refund in case the order was prepaid.

Payments made by credit-card, will be handled through the secure server of a renowned Spanish financial corporation : bankia (
This means that all payments travel in a encrypted and secured way. MOTARDEX Ltd. has absolutely no access to your credit-card data.

Refund Guarantee

The right to cancel the order and request a refund, expires after fourteen (14) weekdays counting from the reception of the goods by the client. To start the procedure of trading or refunding, the client must send us an e-mail with all the data relating to his order to or place a telephone call at (+34) 607 604 955, mentioning the reason in case of a request for refund or the desired products in case of a request for a trade in. All returned or traded goods must be returned with their original and intact labelled packaging, decently packed and protected. The returned goods must be in the original state of receiving, which will be checked by our staff. Worn or damaged goods will not be accepted for refunding or trade in.
In case of a trade in for a different item, we will charge the difference in price if the new item is more expensive. If the new item costs less, we will refund the difference by cheque, money-transfer or refund on your credit card. In case of a returning of the goods, all costs for transportation, for the initial and returning shipment, will be the client's responsibility. In case of a returning of the goods, due to shipment errors or other reasons for which MOTARDEX Ltd is responsible, we will recollect the goods without costs for the receiver, and this at the location mentioned by him in his e-mail with the request for recollection.
We will not in any case accept returned goods, sent to us cash on delivery. In case of a trade in or request for refund, the client must return the goods to our address. Once we have received the goods and after controlling their state, we will proceed in sending you the new item in case of a trade-in, or in refunding you and this within the seven (7) working days following the reception. Refunds will be made by money transfer in the case of a transfer payment or COD payment. In case of a payment by credit-card, the charge will be cancelled.

Terms of Shipment

Shipment costs are entirely included in the selling price for shipments within the Spanish mainland. For other destinations, additional shipment costs are charged to the buyer and are calculated and indicated during the purchasing process, in function of the destination and weight.

Shipments to Spain and Portugal will be handled by the courier services of MRW. Delivery time is approximately 2-3 days following the order, except for items that are not available, in which case we will notify the client.
Shipment to the rest of Europe will be handled by IRS Mail, with a maximum delivery time of 7 days, depending on the destination, except for items that are not available, in which case we will notify the client.


- Shipments payable Cash On Delivery, will have an extra charge, for an amount calculated and indicated during the purchasing process.

- In Portugal and Spain (except Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla) this extra charge will be 3,77% of the order value, with a minimum of 2,50 Euro (VAT incl.) and a maximum of 60,50 Euro (VAT incl.) in the form of a supplement to the indicated order value.

- Customs clearing costs for destinations where those are applicable (e.g. Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla) are at the expense of the client. For this destinations, we will deduct the charged VAT amount , except for special offers (more than 25% discount). In this case, if you want to pay by credit-card, we recommend that you first contact MOTARDEX Ltd.

- In the above mentioned destination, the possibility of payment COD may not be available. Payment will have to be made by transfer or credit-card. In case of doubts, please contact MOTARDEX Ltd.

- If, during the purchasing process, you do not find your destination listed, we will kindly reply on any request for a proposition with the eventual shipping cost included.

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