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About MoTarDos

MOTARDEX Ltd., exclusive distributor of all products of the registered "MOTARDOS" brand, is a new enterprise in the field of motorbike-wear. It was established by "every day" bikers, looking for solutions to biker's daily problems. Solutions that go further than the already large variety of clothing and accessories on the market.

MoTarDos is an internationally patented product.

"MoTarDos" is a registered trademark by Motardtex, Ltd with C.I.F.: B-53801296, and address in Santiago Rusiñol St., 14 03015-Alicante (Spain) and registered in the mercantile Registry of Alicante, Volume 2707, Book 0, folio 29, Section 8, A-79276 sheet, Inscription 1.


  • MOTARDTEX, S.L. B53801296
  • c/ Santiago Rusiñol, 14
  • 03015 Alicante, Spain
  • (+34) 607604955

History Of MoTarDos

As an everyday moto-user, and with a job where I must wear a suit, which implies footwear, trousers... I always found the problem of weather, and how to protect myself from the cold and rain, specially in interurban passages.

In specialized shops I found a great variety of jackets, gloves and other items. I was able to choose those of the best appearance for my job, but just from the waist up. But for the waist down, that is to say, to protect my feet and legs, I could not find what to put on in order to cover my trousers and shoes. In this way the cold continued passing through the lower part of my trousers, by my socks and my shoes...And I could not go with the leather coverall. Besides, the rain trousers were very troublesome to put on and to take off. All that without speaking of the rain leggings...At the end, in bad weather conditions, I went by car with the problems of time, parking, traffic jams...

Then, I began to think about that somebody should invent an easy wear suit that would protect us from the cold and the rain. I bought a nylon tracksuit. Then, I drew the patrons for the cover-shoes. Later on, with the inestimable aid of my self-sacrificing mother, we incorporated two long lateral zippers and made the cover-shoes, that, by means of a system of Velcro, that were joined to the trousers and to their zippers. This invention, after many changes, have let to The MoTarDos' commercialisation.

Paco Barceló

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